Custom Hot Tub Surrounds to Enhance Your Spa Experience

Improve the functionality and appearance of your tub with a surround from A&B Accessories. The quality of our 100% US-made hot tub surrounds is simply unrivaled, and we offer a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect hot tub surround for your unique spa.

Versatile Styles of Hot Tub Surrounds

When it comes to hot tub surrounds, we want our customers to have the perfect product to match the beauty and luxury of their spa. That’s why we offer such flexibility in the spa surround designs — including providing 11 different colors for hot tub surrounds.

Choose from our suggested designs or let us customize one for you: our individual modular components provide the hot tub surrounds you want today with the flexibility to meet your design requirements in the future.

Each will be made to the exact dimensions of your make and model as we have the specifications (size, shape, radius and height) of over 150 manufacturers in our database.

Learn more about our incredibly beautiful, versatile hot tub surrounds by browsing options below or in our 2018 Accessory Brochure — or call 1-800-637-0609 today!

Hybrid Style 1 MS Mahogany II copy


Hybrid Style 1 MS Mahogany

Hybrid Style 1 MS Mahogany II

The elegant, tailored look of this surround is created with an enclosed step, corner and storage bench.

The tables are open. All parts are freestanding and 22” wide.

Hybrid Surround Style One

Hybrid Surround Style 1

Enclosed front step and corner, right corner  and side table, left side storage bench

Style 4

Style 4



Hybrid Surround Style 4

Open 2 tier step in front with front left & right corner and side tables


Style 5


Hybrid Surround Style 5

Elegant wrap around step with towel box / planter with table on left side in gray



This sleek design has wrap around steps and a freestanding side table on the left



Hybrid Style 5 for Dimension One Spa

This modest design has wrap around steps and a freestanding side table on the left in cherry



Style 7



Hybrid Surround Style 7

Beautiful wrap around corner step with sunburst tables in cherry







Style 8



Hybrid Surround Style 8

Dramatic sunburst step with matching sunburst tables in cherry






Hybrid Surround for D-1 Amore Bay in Gray

Custom made 2 tier step adjoins benches on left & right corners and spa mounted side tables in gray